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Parallel Security Group

PSG Volunteer Program

Parallel Security (PSL) has an exciting initiative focused on bringing awareness to citizens about the importance of volunteerism in the Greater Toronto Area. PSG works with organizations of all sizes to engage volunteers in community service. Our projects provide a meaningful service experience that fosters a sense of teamwork, collaboration, and achievement for volunteers; while giving critical support and resources to schools, neighborhoods, and families throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Do you have what it takes to be a Leader?

Volunteers are leaders who make a commitment to help contribute to a local project for a good cause. These individuals help us mobilize hundreds of volunteers every year, and address any number of community issues including children's saftey, animal rescue, disaster recovery, community security and more. Every year we dispatch hundreds Volunteers on bikes, cars, boats and by foot. These volunteers patrol your neighborhood and report all suspicious activites to the local police. We get busy during the summer months and especially around Halloween. All Volunteers must go through a criminal background check. If you think you have what it takes to volunteer, then drop us an email by filling the form below.

Volunteer Application Form

Form Disabled: We are currently not accepting volunteer applications. Please try again on October 11 2011 for next years Halloween Night Patrol.