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Vehicle/Mobile Patrol

Our mobile patrol unit is a very effective visible detterent; they will deter theft/vandalism and remove any unauthorised people off site. Our professional and uniformed mobile patrol service can ease your concerns day and night. It offers a cost effective alternative to static guards where constant presence is deemed unnecessary yet still offers high visibility. We will make random or scheduled security patrols of your specified locations which means you will have the peace of mind knowing we are patrolling exactly the areas required. Any suspicious activity will be investigated and the police called for if necessary. Full written reports will be provided of any incidents that may occur. As well as deterring crime they will also alert you to the threat of fire, flood or other damaging incidents. Parallel Security provides mobile patrol and emergency services at cost effective and competitive rates. Below is a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of having mobile patrol. For further information, please contact us to speak with a sales representitive.

Advantages / Disadvantages

  • Advantages
    - Extremely cost effective
    - Quick response times
    - Can visit your site at scheduled or random times
    - Can patrol multiple sites in a vast area
    - Mobile patrol officers are AST certified and can make arrests when necessary
    - Backed up by our control center
    - Available at your convenience 24/7
    - Billed per visit, not by the hour
    - Additional perks benifits for new clients! Ask us about our MCC program. Customized Services also available.
  • Disadvantages
    - Arrival times may be delayed by road and weather conditions (etc. snow)
    - May not be available in all areas

Our Vehicles & Staff

Our mobile patrol officers are experienced in the field of security. They have a clean driving record and track history of professional service. The officers are trained in AST, and maintain constant contact with supervisors. Our vehicles are highly visible and will deter any disturbance to your property. Some of our vehicles have HID high beam headlights, side lights and flashing bright lights on top. All of our vehicles have "high vis" decals and can be seen from far away. Our motorcycle officers offer detterence of crime. They also assist other security officers of their duties when needed. For more information, please contact us and a sales representitive will be happy to assist you.

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