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Parallel Security LLC

Parallel Security LLC: Alberta

Parallel Security is a community oriented private contract security company serving all of Alberta and British Columbia with it's head office in Vancouver. The difference between us and other Alberta security companies is the friendly and caring attitude we share within the company. It's how we approach our clients' needs, as a professional security guard company. Our security team will give you the answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. We work with you to develop a security program that works for your unique needs and fits in with your unique budget. With our stringent personnel selection process and how we subsequently invest heavily in to our staff's training, support, supervision, and personal development, our staff are ready to assist you in your security needs. Whether it be security guard service, mobile patrol or community patrols, we are here to help you.

  • Halloween Night Patrol
    Watch out for us this halloween in our sky blue and light green patrol uniforms! Our volunteers and staff will be patrolling local communities in Alberta and giving out goodies to the kids!
  • Free Community Patrols
    Parallel Security is proud to offer it's free community patrols. We work with our partners to patrol your neighbourhood during the night at random times. If we find any disturbances or suspicious activity we will immediately inform the police. To learn more please click here.